Be patient and focus on the long term

Be patient and focus on the long term
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Patience is rarely used and its importance is highly underrated in this modern world.

One of the things that can stifle a great idea is impatience. You will be surprised at how many people quit on an idea because it never made them rich in the first year or the short period of time that they set out for it to happen.

I’m not sure if you have heard of this but here is some valuable business and life years I once came across:

“You can do more in five years than you could do in one year.”

You have to learn how to play the long game.

Anything worthwhile does not yield quick results. It can tease you once in a while in the beginning and give you signs that it will eventually work out but the permanence has to be earned, you will have to work for it for a while.

We may praise billionaires and millionaires and think if we also only have a great idea we would quickly get there too, but when you look at how long they worked on their idea, you would think twice before you challenged yourself to achieve in one year what they achieved in 10 years or more.

Whether you are building a business, a career or a master piece, it will take time and effort before you see results and even a lot more time and effort before you can achieve your goals. So brace yourself, keep yourself busy and don’t quit.

If you don’t quit, you will probably succeed.

If you went around or did a survey and asked a number of people who tried working on an idea why what they were working on did not work, the common reason you will arrive beneath all the reasons you will be given is that most of them did decide to quit at one point.

Maybe they were faced enough problems and hardship or maybe they just lacked patience, but they ended up quitting.

Try to remain patient and stay focused on the long term, it is much easier to create working strategies if you have a long period window and you can measure you results much more efficiently that way.

Having patience and shifting to a longer term focus couldn’t be more urgent it may just be the key that gets you were you dream of going.

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