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His laugh brought her back to Earth. He had said something funny.

She faked a smile. But she was not listening. She had been lost in thought

Mark was a funny guy. Unlike the one before him.

Another Year. Another man.

She didn’t want him just like she had never wanted the others.

But being alone seemed to be worse.

She had lost track of the number of men she had been with.

She had lost track of time.

She had lost her herself a few years ago.

She had died inside then.

She had forgotten what it feels like to enjoy her own company.

She used to be such a happy girl.Now Every day bleeds sadness.

She looked around her. The familiar Brown tables. The golden dim lights. The white tiles. The mild chatter.

This was the restaurant her and Jim had first shared a meal together.

Her thoughts wandered off to Him. She could never forget Jim.

Jim was everything that was wrong for her in this world. But she felt everything that was right for him.

Day after day. Week after week. Month after month.

She had hoped he would call. Hoped he would apologize and they would move on.

He never did. Jim never loved her.

She felt that familiar sharp pain to her heart that always accompanied the thoughts of him.

‘Sara move on!’ She thought. She had told herself that every year. But it never seemed to work.

So she did what she did best. Drown herself in whisky and pretend to be happy with Mark.

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